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Okay, this ALWAYS gets to me - at a lot of cons (I've only been to one that has not had this issue) why is there never a place to put our bags before we enter a rave? Is it really hard to have staff (or volunteers) to have a bag claim or some lockers or a little place where we can put our bags in before we go to the rave? Not all of us are staying at the hotel where the convention is or we have to catch a cab/shuttle etc to get there and it sucks when some staff member says "No bags allowed" and when we ask where we can put them they usually say something like "That's your problem." Wow. Why can't they do it like a coat check or something where someone can find a system or way to keep your bags in a safe place, keep them monitored and easily give them back when they want them back? I understand that people don't like being responsible for others' stuff but is it that hard to pay someone to do it? Is it hard to get someone's contact info before they drop their bag off just in case they walk out without it? Like I said, I've only been to one convention where they had a bag drop off and they would watch your stuff and when you left the rave they would give it back to you, easy-peesy. I wouldn't mind paying like a couple dollars (esp if it went to charity or something, *hint, hint*) if some staff could find a system that would help rave goers with stuff so they dont have to go ALL the way back to their rooms, cars, houses, etc. just so they can get into the rave or dance and miss out on the fun.

If I put on a con in the near future, I'll be sure to do it lol

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A lot of it comes down to manpower and space.

In terms of manpower, convention staffs already tend to be spread out pretty thinly, especially during dance events which require a high level of attention for safety.

As far as space goes, most conventions aim to maximize the space they are renting for the weekend to have as much programming as possible. Dedicating a space to a bag check cuts down on places that could be used for things like panels, screening rooms, etc.
Paying the convention venue to run a bag check is not always a viable option. Again there is the issue of space to do it, but also conventions often operate on a tight budget and the cost of paying for a bag check for the night is a cost that is too high. This can be offset by attendees paying for checked bags, but oftentimes attendees are not willing to pay which puts the cost back on the convention.
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Also, cons may not want to be liable for lost items in the bag check. If someone claims to have had something stolen from the bag, who is responsible?

If the con is at a hotel (and most are at or attached to one), check with the bellman near the front door. Most will let you check a bag for a buck or two. If they ask if you're a guest of the hotel, say yes. Hotels let people do this all the time if a room isn't ready yet OR if they had to check out before they're ready to head to the airport.
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I don't care what the reason is for why they don't have it, the point is - they don't have it. Sounds to me like a couple of lame excuses for being lazy.

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  • slashess Said:
I don't care what the reason is for why they don't have it, the point is - they don't have it. Sounds to me like a couple of lame excuses for being lazy.

Sounds to me like you don't like the (perfectly valid) answers you heard so you came up with a lame and lazy retort.
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