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Sukoshi Con will be hosting one of our famous 1 day shows in Montgomery AL for the first time in 4 years last time was 2011. So with that said here are the awesome details.

Date: June 21, 2014

Location: Embassy Suites Montgomery
Hotel and Conference Center
300 Tallapoosa St
Montgomery, AL 36104
Hotel Perks: Rooms are $99 per night
Free breakfast with custom omelet station.
Embassy Suites signature Evening Reception w/ complimentary drinks & snacks.

Pre-Reg Price: $10.00 sell ends April 14, 2014(

Vendor Registration: $105.00 sell ends Jun 21, 2014(

Artist Alley Registration: $50.00 sell ends Jun 21, 2014(


Seraphina The Otaku Bellydancer: Seraphina is a professional bellydance instructor & performer with over twenty-five years of dance experience. With a passion for anime and Japanese culture she created her own style of bellydance, "Otaku Fusion": the mix of tribal fusion bellydance with Nihon Buyo (Japanese traditional dance) set to anime/video game soundtracks. Over the past decade she has performed at conventions across the nation and alongside both regional and national bands. She continues to offer classes and workshops in the Deep South. When not dancing, Seraphina enjoys sewing and is a seasoned cosplayer! Her newest project is "Cosplayers for Hope", a campaign to bring awareness to Endometriosis by sharing her story of battling the illness herself.


Lolita Fashion Show
Presented by the Alabama Lolita Society
The Alabama Lolita Society brings you our Lolita Fashion Show! These models will showcase their own lolita creations just for you, in a fashion show format!

The Alabama Lolita Coterie was founded in 2009 to bring together girls from all over the state who have a passion for the Japanese street fashion style called Lolita fashion. The majority of their members are located in Huntsville, Birmingham, and Montgomery. Some of the activities they participate in during meet ups range from tea parties, to outings at the botanical gardens, museums, musicals, ballets, to casual gatherings for shopping. They often travel together to visit communities in neighboring states to participate in their meet ups and special events. They have formed many lasting friendships by being a part of the community and welcome new members to join their group and see what they're all about.

They have recently been invited to host a fashion show for Sukoshi con Montgomery. It will showcase some of the different substyles within lolita fashion such as: gothic, sweet, OTT sweet, classic, country, kodona and punk. We hope it will be a fun and educational experience for everyone. They are looking forward to presenting it and seeing you there!

If you are interested in joining the Alabama Lolita Coterie please visit: oterie/

This show takes place in 88 days please visit for more on this con

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    In response to DAConsoleGaming

Sukoshi Con Montgomery show updates

New guest announcements

Blake Shepard

Blake Shepard is an American animator, visual artist and voice actor who works or has worked for anime series at ADV Films, Funimation Entertainment and Seraphim Digital. He has provided voices for a number of English-language versions of Japanese anime films. Some of the English-language anime roles he is best known for include, but are not limited to, Yuzuru Otonashi from "Angel Beats!", Akito/Agito Wanajima from "Air Gear", and Tejima from Episodes 1, 2, and 4 from "High School of the Dead".

Also RPG will be hosting our Console Gaming Room

Pre Reg prices have gone up now for attendees the new price is $15.00 this sell will end May 14, 2014

This con will take place in 66 days

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Sukoshi Con Montgomery Show News and Updates

New Guest Annoucements

Game Room Hosts and Sponsors:
Retro Game Planet
Retro Game Planet will be hosting and sponsoring our Game Room for Sukoshi Con: Montgomery! There will be FREE PLAY all day long on various available game consoles, including NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Sega Genesis, PS2, PS3, Xbox, and Xbox 360! In addition to FREE PLAY, there will also be tournaments for various amounts of store credit!

Alice Infinity
Alice Infinity is a cosplayer and cosplay model who lives in Northern Florida, and has been on the cosplay scene for some time. Being a cosplayer with Asperger Syndrome which is a part of the Autism spectrum, Alice never felt she fit in well until she went to her very first convention in fall 2011. Since then, she's been hooked on conventions and making her own costumes to show her love for some of her favorite characters. Alice started making her own costumes in the fall of 2012 where her first costume was Yoko Littner from Gurren Lagann; made with a little bit of sewing and a lot of hot glue. She has since steadily improved her skills and has upgraded to using a sewing machine. She is most commonly known for her female Link costume, which won a Judge's choice award at Sukoshi Con: Destination Anime 2014. Alice strives while traveling to many conventions to meet new people, make new friends, and of course learn from other cosplayers how to improve her own costume making skills.

Alice Infinity on Facebook
Alice Infinity Designs
Alice Infinity will also be one of our judges in our Cosplay Contest!

Our Panel Submission Form is now up if you have a Panel you like to host please submit it to the following link f0Pe9

This con will take place in 40 Days hope you all can make it.

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    In response to DAConsoleGaming

Sukoshi Con Montgomery Show News and Updates

Cosplay Modeling & Photography
Join Michael of Emerald Coast Cosplay and Alice Infinity during the first half of this panel as they discuss the basic tips of cosplay modeling and cosplay photography! The second half of this panel will be totally interactive, as we will take our panel OUTSIDE (weather pending) and use the tips we learned. Other photographers are also welcome to attend and help out if we have a large crowd. Remember, if you'd like a photo shoot with Michael of Emerald Coast Cosplay, you don't have to wait until this panel. Feel free to grab him anytime you see he's not busy!

Sukoshi Con: Montgomery's pre-registration and overall reception has EXCEEDED expectations! As a result, we are now able to UPGRADE this event! Sukoshi Con: Montgomery will now last until MIDNIGHT and will also include a RAVE!

Also, the schedule is now online! However, due to our extended hours, we are now able to add MORE PANELS, including 18+ panels! If you would like to host a panel, be sure to enter your submission SOON! We don't expect these panel slots to be open for long!

Tabletop Gaming
Hosted by Visions Cards & Games
Visions Cards & Games will be hosting and sponsoring our Tabletop Gaming Room for Sukoshi Con: Montgomery! There will Magic: The Gathering, Vanguard, and Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments throughout the day, as well as FREE PLAY of various tabletop and bourd games such as Formula De, The Adventures, Munchkin, Settlers of Catan, and MORE!

The tournament schedule will be posted soon once it is finalized!

Mike Smith
of Emerald Coast Cosplay
Mike of Emerald Coast Cosplay has been in the world of photography since 2007, and in the world of Cosplay Photography since 2009. He has worked with many great cosplayers throughout the southeast and travels to as many conventions as he can to find new talent! Emerald Coast Cosplay also features a gallery of "iDOLS", which are a group of fantastic female cosplayers he works with whenever he can. Each iDOL is unique in her own way and has her own style, and Mike works his magic to blend their beauty with natural surroundings without having to do a lot of post-process editing.

Mike will be onhand the majority of the day and will be available to take photos of your cosplays! Just grab him whenever you see he is not busy!

Sukoshi Con welcomes, Valliac, who will be our DJ for our RAVE during Sukoshi Con Montgomery! Valliac loves to play music for crowds, especially Electronic House, and has been influenced by artists and groups such as The Phantom's Revenge, Static Revenger, Tiesto, Deadmau5, Paul Oakenfold, and MORE!

Pre-Reg for attendees is currently selling for $20.00 till Jun 18, 2014 this is the final offer by the way

This con will take place in 7 Days see you there

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