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01-30-12 01:40 PM - Post#10143    

How well known is your hobby among colleagues and classmates? Or non-fandom friends for that matter?

I didn't really get into cosplay until after I graduated college, but when I first started I didn't tell my co-workers at my job that I cosplayed, or even that I went to cons. I was always "visiting friends" which was technically true. Then over the next few years, I opened up and told people where I was going and even started showing them pictures of my costumes. It was a small company with about 15 people, and they all thought the costumes I made were really beautiful and well made.

Then when I was hunting for a new job last spring, I had an interview and it ended up coming up. Because it was a laid back company, I didn't feel out of place talking about it (one of the owners came into my interview wearing a Zelda shirt). I ended up getting the job, and pretty much everyone knows that I cosplay. A lot of people I work with are pretty geeky and a few attend cons once in awhile, but none cosplay. I might convert some XD
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01-30-12 04:45 PM - Post#10144    
    In response to EllyStar

My coworkers know I go to cons, so I occasionally I get asked. I tend to choose an answer based on how they ask me. If its clear they're going to be very judgmental, I lean toward "Well I staff the big one in Boston so even if I wanted to, it'd get in the way of my work"
If someone seems a bit more open, I go with "Not really, I tend to do more photography of the really good ones that I could never make on my own." which I spin to show some of the pics I've taken. In both cases showing really good pictures of really good costumes gets a good response. I know it's not ideal, but avoiding showing stuff that looks not that great gives people less fodder to mock.
On a related note I ALWAYS make it known that I often run panels, it gets a lot of respect from people ("You know enough about this stuff to talk about it to a room of people for an hour?") but it also looks better on the time off request I need to submit because I'm going to the con to "work" and not just goof off.
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    In response to Nigoki

I've always been wary of offering up the info (less so now than I used to be) but I never hide it. I tend to go more from the costuming aspect than the fandom one. My standard answer is something like "I got into it because I was a fan of the stuff as a kid, got really into the costuming and made a lot of friends, and continue to go to showcase & compete with my costumes & to spend time with friends."

Given I'm in theater and tend to advertise that fact pretty plainly, people tend to be pretty open to the idea even if they aren't theatrical themselves, especially from the craftsmanship standpoint I explain it from.

I feel like the world as a whole is becoming more accepting of congoing and cosplay. Once I do discuss the topic I usually find I was being too conservative in fearing of judgement. Honestly, the most judgement I've ever gotten over cosplay is from non-cosplaying nerds, particularly back in college, and I know I've got more of a "life" than any of them in or out of cons so who cares what they think.

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    In response to Gale

To me it depends on the person; for example, if someone I know isn't into books, I don't chat them up about what I'm reading. Similarly, friends i have who are interested in things like costuming, or comics, or performance or whatever tend to know about it and others don't. I don't go out of my way to hide it but I don't bring it up to people who have no clue what it is and set myself up to have to launch into a long-winded explanation either.

For example, when non-con people ask Sketch and I how we met, we say "at an improv show" and then explain a two line interaction because its a lot easier than saying what cosplay chess is, and then what cosplay is, and then who the characters are and how they are related and why that made us meet when the former answer just gets to the point of the question.

That said, I don't offer it up at work when I take time off; getting time off at my job is difficult and if they knew it was occasionally to dress up and run around they would be much less likely to let me go. Having to defend why I deserve to go to Atlanta on one of our busiest deadlines and dance around in a fake wedding dress is just not an argument I need to have.
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    In response to EllyStar

everyone who has any idea who i am knows i cosplay and they always come to me if they want to know anything about cosplay or costumes. they like to hear about my latest cosplays and things that have happened at cons but as we all know what happens at a con stays at the con...

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Cosplay has become sort like another secret life of mine. I obviously have friends, co-workers, and family members who know that I do it, but it is something that I kind of keep to myself. It is a chance for me to get away from all of that and take on the persona of a completely different person. It's not like I am a prostitute by night, super lawyer by day kind of secret, but it is another part of myself and my life that I really only share with those who are into cosplay, as well. I do talk about it because I am always looking for other people who also cosplay, but I just don't share very much unless someone does it themselves and understands what it is all about.

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    In response to EllyStar

My classmates know I cosplay. I'm in anime club and we've gone to a convention before and I walked into school the day of the con decked out in full Gaara garb, gourd and everything. I don't really care what they think; a few years ago I was pretty shy about telling people I was into anime and the like, but I couldn't care less anymore. Most people are pretty supportive and the anime fandom is certainly growing. I was actually pretty surprised at how many people were interested in it, especially those who were considered "popular". Every time I wear an anime shirt a lot of people comment on it. I get a few weird looks, but then I just give them my best Gaara impression and they back off.

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    In response to Clusey

I do amateur cosplay but, I guess they don't need to know.

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