Article by PatrickD    (02-07-11 04:54 PM)
Comic book rock n roll band The Man Power, known for playing anime conventions and their general support of otaku cultural, are using an innovative website called Kickstarter to finish funding their upcoming album that they plan to release at MTAC 2011 in Nashville, TN.

The Man Power, who have been guests at several anime conventions such as Momocon, EXP Con, and Persacon, are self releasing their first full length record "Hide Your Daughters and Get Your Earplugs, Here Comes The Man Power" very soon, but they could use their fans' help. The band is hosting a fundraiser on the innovative fundraising website Kickstarter. The site allows fans to pledge different amounts of money that will go directly to the projects they are supporting. Since there is no record label involved, all of this money will go directly toward the fiercely independent band.

For donations to The Man Power's Kickstrater fundraiser, fans will receive different prizes and gifts from the band based on how much they donate. These incentives range from something as simple as an autographed CD to something as grand as the band writing and recording a song about the you. The band will even come to your house and play a concert in your living room for the right price!

However, if the goal is not reached, then the band will not receive any money, the fans will not be charged, and most importantly the fans will not get their prizes. The goal has to be reached by March 13th at 8:00PM CDT, so fans are encouraged to donate early. If the goal is reached before the deadline, fans can continue to donate and receive prizes. The extra money will go to other band expenses such as tour support and future recordings.

"This is a great way for us to really get the product funded by the people who matter the most to us, " says Chris S, the band's guitarist and lead singer. "I feel it's really important for these kids to have someone to look up to in the convention scene. People think anime conventions are just a bunch of geeks and nerds watching cartoons for the weekend, but I have met so many great people through these conventions. It's time everyone started to realize that every type of person is in this culture, even a rock n roll band, and the culture is full of great people!"

The Man Power's journey into the anime convention scene started at MTAC 2008 where they released their first EP and shared the stage with convention veterans Peelander-Z, The Slants, and Eyeshine. The band, who had been part of the convention scene as attendees for years, quickly started booking more and more convention appearances. As time went on, they also started writing more and more anime related songs such as "Anime Anna" and "Fujiko." Since the band's first convention appearance, they have been appearing at conventions all over the South playing concerts, hosting panels, and generally adding to the convention fan experience.

The band's new album "Hide Your Daughters and Get Your Earplugs, Here Comes The Man Power," will be released early exclusively at MTAC 2011 in Nashville, TN on Easter weekend. Their Kickstarter supports will receive their packages in the mail around the same time. The album will be officially released worldwide in mid May. help-the-man-power-make-a -record

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