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Let's hear about your facepalming, cringe worthy and fear inducing things that have happened at cons.

I have two, the first is actually happened as I was driving to my first con ever in Winnipeg. Neither of us had ever been there but we wanted to meet Vic Mignonga. At the time he really hadn't been anywhere in the midwests so we were determined to meet him, so we borrowed my friend's dad's GPS. Well when we hit Fargo, ND we hit major road construction which the GPS did not factor in at all and we ended up driving around Fargo for about a hour lost with the GPS blaring "When possible make a UTurn." I was so close to throwing out the window.

The second story I have still scares me thinking about it. The con I staffed at was quite famous for it's video game room so we would get requests from other cons to host mini versions of the VG room a there's. Well at one of cons,at about 2am when we were closing up, there was this super drunk creeper roaming the halls and one point he touched a girl inappropriately. When she freaked out he tried to bail into our videogame room which I was inside. My ex barely got the door closed and had to struggle to keep it closed because the creeper was fighting to escape inside. Luckily one of our other staffer was ex military and tackled him to the ground in military fashion restraint until security arrived. The scariest part was I had been walking around alone looking for someone 10 minutes before it happened so I could have easily been that girl. I think it's safe to say I was always careful about walking around alone at night at cons from then on.
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