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Hello, I'm looking to make friends with others who are as passionate about Soul Eater as I am. I would like to start a group we would go to Anime Conventions and Photo-shoots and also Just hang out etc.. I am already Death The Kid and we Have a Black Star and Possibly a Crona. We are seeking Liz and Patty they are must haves for the group (seeing as I'm Kid). Maka, Soul, Tsubaki, Stein, Medusa, Asura, Lord Death, Blair , Sprit, Marie and others characters are welcome as well.

We would go to Contentions such as Anime Syracuse , Tora-con Ubcon and some out of states ones.

If your interested Please message me This is a great way for Myself and others to meet other who have similar interests.

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Hello! It's nice to meet you!

My friend and I are interested in your group! We both really like soul eater! I'm shorter and she's taller than me so we could be Patty and Liz if you want. However there are a few problems. I also have some questions:

1.) Is there an age limit for the group? (We wouldn't want to hang around 25 year olds for example)

2.) Would we just cosplay soul eater? We both like a wide variety of anime, so if everyone was comfortable with something like that, we could always expand our cosplay.

3.) Would we be a group that makes our own cosplay and buys the wigs? Or would we buy the whole cosplay?

4.) We both live near Syracuse (cny) so how western is western New York?

5.) (I apologize for this) but what are the ages of everyone in the group?

6.) My parents would kill me if i went to hang out with people i met online, so if everything works out, then is there anyway for us to meet at anime Syracuse? We are going this year as Rin Kagamine and Miku hatsune. So we could say we met there and wanna do a cosplay group. (My parents are big on safety)

7.) {Last one } it's about Liz and Patty. Is it okay if we don't have the exact breast sizes?

So I'm sorry to bug you about all this but I'm just taking precautions. Although i hope everything works out and we can be friends!

Thanks so much! I hope we can work something out!

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Okay to answer your questions no there really isn't an age limit I myself am 18 where other members are 17 and the youngest is 16. I would love to hang with you girls I really need Liz and Patty. As for Bust size it really doesn't matter lol as long as you girls are big enough. we play it pretty safe.

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I live near Batavia new York Syracuse is about an hour and a half away. Like I said in my other post Bust size isn't an issue as long as your aren't flat. I'm the oldest member at 18 and the others are 17 and 16. As for the group now we only have Kid and Black Star left so we are indeed of Liz and Patty and the others again. You can buy your cosplay and wigs if you want as long as the cosplays look good. Here is a link to my kid cosplay pics hope that helped Contact me on the site in the link if your still interested. I would love to add a couple of ladies to the team.

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I wish I lived closer to you. I am in the lower part of Pennsylvania. I am from a tiny little town where almost no one has ever heard of cosplay, let alone the ability to get a group together. I have been trying to find people who would like to go to conventions and get together on a regular basis, but there aren't enough people in my area that are into the whole idea. Maybe I am not looking in the right places, but who knows. For now I have the pleasure of forums such as this one to get my fix with fellow fans.

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