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lily yonng 
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05-28-13 10:03 PM - Post#12480    

Do you like cosplay? In my mind, cosplay is an interesting thing. I like it. What about you?

Sunbeam Moonlight 
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08-28-13 12:36 PM - Post#12721    
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Because it is fun and to show I love anime.

Sacrificial White Mage
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09-05-13 09:58 PM - Post#12759    
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I've always been a fairly theatrical person. As a kid I LOVED Halloween and playing dress-up as well as performing. In high school, about the same time I discovered conventions and cosplay, I started acting and ended up choosing theater as my career. There are a LOT of parallels in the cosplay and theater world.

As I got into cosplay, I really found it thrilling to show off both my love of my favorite characters as well as the hard work I put into perfecting my costumes. Feeding more into my love of performing I started participating in events like Cosplay Chess, and through getting more involved in such things I began to make friends. Want to know who I stood directly opposite to in my first chessmatch? Shiva! (We had been vaguely aware of each other through, but it was the first time we met in person.)

Through the years as I've gotten more into cosplay I've become very close with a lot of the people I've worked with on skits, in groups, as staff, and presenting panels. I can't imagine my life without them.

To answer the question specifically, though, I'd say what I love about cosplay is expressing my love of the characters/series, showing off the work I am so proud of, and sharing all of this with friends plus making new friends along the way. The more I dive in, the more rewarding I find it all. It's been a whirlwind of the past 10+ years and I couldn't be happier and can't see myself slowing down any time soon!

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01-04-14 02:22 PM - Post#13458    
    In response to lily yonng

I have always enjoyed the idea of theatrics. Considering the fact that I am not likely to become a movie star, cosplay gives me the ability to perform. I have always enjoyed the idea of being able to take on another character. Cosplay gives me the ability to be someone, or something, that I otherwise wouldn't ever have a chance to be or experience. There is nothing like being able to step into another personality and behave in ways that would have others looking at me strangely if I were to do it at work. I have always been a huge fan of Anime and conventions. My mom used to take me to Star Trek conventions, but anime is much more my speed than Star Trek.

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03-18-14 08:46 AM - Post#13680    
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well, ive always been interested in cosplay, I cant really make any costumes yet, but I`ll have help soon (and by soon, I actually mean a few more years, so that's not really soon, lol) and when I go to a anime con, that will be my first time at one, because my parents never take me to any anime cons because they`re so busy, with stuff.

-sighs- but, in a few more years I`ll be able to go, so, i`m happy. :3

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04-03-14 11:54 AM - Post#13713    
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its funny!!

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01-25-15 12:17 AM - Post#14270    
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I just like making the costumes mostly. It's fun.

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01-28-15 01:00 AM - Post#14284    
    In response to titanslayer000

It's fun and...I like the thought of perhaps being someone's character fantasy (I'm a flirt, so what? )

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05-17-15 11:41 AM - Post#14430    
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Ever since I was little I've always wanted to dress up and act as my favorite character in a way that was beyond Halloween. During recess my friends and I would always role play before we even knew there was a word for it. When I found out about cosplay I was ecstatic and it's been my life goal since. I enjoy cosplay because it allows me to detach from my true self and become the character while finding people with similar interests as me (which has always been difficult).

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