Article by PatrickD    (12-17-12 11:02 AM)
As we mentioned in the December episode, there will be some changes to the AnimeCons TV podcast coming in 2013.

First, the biggest change, we're going weekly! Rather than put out one episode every month with multiple segments per episode, we'll be splitting those segments into separate episodes. This means that you'll get us in more frequent bite-size chunks. The advantages here are:
1) A regular schedule of a new episode every Monday (except 4 weeks we'll take off)
2) Smaller episodes are faster to download
3) When we want to point someone to something we talked about, we can just point to the episode instead of having to also tell them to fast-forward to a certain point in the episode
4) Interviews no longer need to be cut down for time and put into our Extras feed. (We'll still post masquerades and other content there.)

Second, we'll be removing all 2009 episodes from our podcast feed in January. They'll still be on the web site, but not listed in the feed. Going back and watching some of those old episodes is somewhat cringe-worthy...and yet some of them (especially Episode 1) are some of the most downloaded episodes. We don't want people to end up finding one of those old episodes and judging us by that and would rather have them discover something more recent. Also, we did a news segment back then and that news is VERY out of date and we don't want to be getting comments on that anymore.

Third, if there's some late-breaking news that we need to turn into an episode, we can squeeze it in and bump something else until later. This has happened a few times where we've wanted to cover something, but by the time we'd have it up in the next episode it would be too late.

Finally, new cover art! You'll just have to wait and see on that...

For you fans of our voice mail and viewer con reports, don't worry...those aren't going away. We'll still do those.
-PatrickD Executive Producer
Co-Founder: Anime Boston and Providence Anime Conference
Host of The Chibi Project & Anime Unscripted™

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