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Non-anime cosplayers in an anime convention don't bother me at all. Everyone has free reign to cosplay whatever they want since it's all for fun and paying homage to a work or character. I personally think it's more irritating to have people that go to these conventions not being into anything it's centered upon, only for them to deem it boring later on.

"On the other hand, when you get into more series specific conventions, I think differently, which I find odd in a way. I think that at a Harry Potter con, Doctor Who con, Lord of the Rings con, or any other con that is that specific, a costume from outside the series would look out of place."
The exact reason why I don't mind non-anime cosplays at anime-specific conventions. Take into consideration the amount of these work-specific conventions, their size, their location in relation to those who are interested in/scarcity throughout the nation (in comparison to things like Rennaissance fairs, comic cons, sci-fi cons, anime cons etc.), the travel costs for these fans, and those who can actually afford to go to them. Much less is the attendance rate due to all these aspects enough to make the convention take off? The fact of the matter is, a convention catered around and for, a very specific book, movie, or video game is impractical in comparison to an anime con where anime broadly covers a multitude of shows and video games. The generic convention draws more people who are into, presumably anime and by extension general nerdery. This even means cosplayers who won't cosplay anything anime-related. They need a larger cosplay outlet somehow so why not? It attracts a similar crowd and I'm sure a good number of anime fans will recognize Star Wars, LoTR, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who.

I personally find Sci-fi conventions far less liberal about cosplays in terms of where they're from. You can't really rationalize your K-On! cosplay in terms of how it fits in with a bunch of Star Wars cosplayers, but hey if you enjoy Sci-fi related things then that's all that matters.
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