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I actually just got into a debate over this topic on facebook. A friend was complaining that she wants to see my upcoming Rainbow Bright series cosplay at Anime Boston. When I explained to her I don't do non-anime cosplay at dedicated anime cons she argued that a lot of "American" cartoons borrow from the Japanese anime styles and even outsource to animators from overseas so I shouldn't let it stop me.

No offense to her, but it's a weak justification. If one wants to cosplay something non-Japanese origin at an anime convention, they should feel free to go for it...just don't give me a lame excuse for why it's acceptable. It's acceptable already. Maybe some of us aren't thrilled, or wouldn't do it ourselves, but it would be unfair of anyone to dictate such strict regulations for cosplay worn around the halls (as aforementioned by many, event-related content is another story entirely).

One comment I made justifying my position, however, made me realize something. I relegate my non-anime cosplay to multi-genre cons because I go to multi-genre cons. Not everyone can travel so far afield to get to just any convention, though. As Elizabeth mentioned, anime cons have become meccas of nerdom. I think for a lot of kids, the one local anime con in their area may be the only con they can go to. Even if they aren't into anime, they go because it's the closest thing they have to celebrating their own fandom. I still think this is no reason to change the programming at cons, but it makes me see non-anime fans at anime cons a little differently.

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