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  • Nigoki Said:
I'm of that rare breed where I'm an anime fan first, a gamer/sci-fi geek/comic book fan second, so I was very much of the mindset "It's an anime convention, people, focus on the anime!"
I used to get bugged by non-anime costumes but I've learned that it's not worth getting worked up about. Everyone's going to do what they want, and we are all a bunch of geeks, let's all have fun.

Though, I will admit, it still seems weird when the largest concentration of cosplayers are from something that's not anime.

The issue I will still be a curmudgeon about is when this starts spilling into programming. If the event is meant to be about anime, keep the programming on track with things like that. If the con says its goal is to promote Japanese culture through its media, you can't really say that Doctor Who fits into that category, as good and as popular as it might be.

Yeah, I have to agree with this. Granted I'm getting to be less into anime (or at least new anime) and more into sci-fi, but I would never wear "western" cosplay at a dedicated anime event.

I'm all for multi-genre cons, tho, and fine with cons (as long as they don't have "anime" in their name...) evolving/changing and becoming multi-genre (like PortCon). As long as the convention knows what they are about and how they want to be defined and stays true to that, they should be able to do whatever...but they need to stay true to their mission statement, and an anime con allowing non-anime content in their official events needs to re-evaluate their choices either in programming or mission statement.

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