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If you were at this anime con, would you be okay with me in my not-anime-related cosplay of a guest of honour's character? Thank you in advance for any help!

Yes, I would be okay with that.

I am adamant that non-anime cosplay shouldn't be donned for anime cons (though I don't "police" cons, ie:I don't give 'em the evil least I try not to ).

However, when it is for a non-anime role voiced by a con guest, I think that it is perfectly acceptable. For example, in ~2 weeks AnimeUSA will be held and they have Troy Baker. If people cosplay as "that guy from Bioshock Infinite", since he was that guy, I wouldn't mind. Same with Borderlands 2 cosplay at Nekocon 2014 (which they have, for some reason, decided to turn into Borderlands 2: The Con...a year too late).

On this, I do dislike how the "anime integrity" of cons is slipping. For example, Otakon continues to lower its official standards: for the anime music video contest they do not allow non-anime like The Legend of Korra, which I say makes sense, but then they allow My Little Pony, which makes the whole situation ambiguous and frustrating.

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