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Hello there! I've got a bit of a problem, and I would really appreciate any help/advice from anyone. Specifically, I'm wondering if western cosplay is acceptable at an anime con.

So why am I going to an anime con if I want to cosplay as something unrelated to anime? Actually, I would have loved to cosplay as my favourite anime character for this con, and that was my original plan. But I just found out that the con will be hosting a few special guests who have worked on both anime and my all-time-favourite western cartoon. I'd absolutely love to meet them, but I want to do so in my cosplay of one of their cartoon characters. Also, my cartoon-character cosplay is already complete (from a past event) but I don't have my anime-character cosplay yet and it is priced at one hundred dollars.

The biggest complaint I've heard against western cosplay at anime cons is that it has nothing to with anime, AKA the entire purpose of the con, and therefore is unacceptable. I can't argue with that- it's undeniable. But in this case, my cosplay DOES have to do with the guests of honour that will be attending.

I do know how it feels to be at an event in celebration of one thing with people who are trying to promote their own separate interests and ideas. It can be pretty annoying. And I don't want to be that person- getting the evil eye from everyone because I'm deliberately defying the con's purpose. At the same time, though, I would love to meet my idol dressed as her non-anime character- especially since that costume would be free.

If you were at this anime con, would you be okay with me in my not-anime-related cosplay of a guest of honour's character? Thank you in advance for any help!

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