Username Post: Do your co-workers/classmates know that you cosplay?
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I've always been wary of offering up the info (less so now than I used to be) but I never hide it. I tend to go more from the costuming aspect than the fandom one. My standard answer is something like "I got into it because I was a fan of the stuff as a kid, got really into the costuming and made a lot of friends, and continue to go to showcase & compete with my costumes & to spend time with friends."

Given I'm in theater and tend to advertise that fact pretty plainly, people tend to be pretty open to the idea even if they aren't theatrical themselves, especially from the craftsmanship standpoint I explain it from.

I feel like the world as a whole is becoming more accepting of congoing and cosplay. Once I do discuss the topic I usually find I was being too conservative in fearing of judgement. Honestly, the most judgement I've ever gotten over cosplay is from non-cosplaying nerds, particularly back in college, and I know I've got more of a "life" than any of them in or out of cons so who cares what they think.

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