Username Post: Do your co-workers/classmates know that you cosplay?
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My coworkers know I go to cons, so I occasionally I get asked. I tend to choose an answer based on how they ask me. If its clear they're going to be very judgmental, I lean toward "Well I staff the big one in Boston so even if I wanted to, it'd get in the way of my work"
If someone seems a bit more open, I go with "Not really, I tend to do more photography of the really good ones that I could never make on my own." which I spin to show some of the pics I've taken. In both cases showing really good pictures of really good costumes gets a good response. I know it's not ideal, but avoiding showing stuff that looks not that great gives people less fodder to mock.
On a related note I ALWAYS make it known that I often run panels, it gets a lot of respect from people ("You know enough about this stuff to talk about it to a room of people for an hour?") but it also looks better on the time off request I need to submit because I'm going to the con to "work" and not just goof off.
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